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I set the time for the task, but why not remind me?

First let's check if the notification for Sorted³ is turned on:

1. Open "Settings".
2. Tap “Notifications”.
3. Swipe up to find “Sorted”.
4. Turn on the "Allow notifications" switch and adjust the notifications as needed.

If you still can't receive the task reminder after setting as above, let us analyze the reason.

After using Sorted3, do you have to double-click the Home button and slide up to exit the Sorted³ habit? If so, then we may know the cause of the problem.

Sorted³ will schedule notifications in the background. If you quit directly in the background, it may result in the inability to complete the arrangement. This is the reason why the task is not reminded at the time.

Although we want Sorted3 to schedule the notification and then let the system shut it down, this method seems to be useless since iOS 12.

Apple's official recommendation is that there is no need to quit the background, and iCloud synchronization must also have a runtime in the background to operate properly. For various reasons, we recommend not to exit the background directly.

This may solve the problem. If there are still problems with the task not to be reminded, please contact us at [email protected]